About Modus Vivendi Media

I work with select classical musicians to boost their careers. I focus on musicians who have the highest level of talent and high potential for a solo career, but for whatever reason have not yet been noticed by established agencies, concert promoters, or record labels, or who have not themselves taken the necessary marketing steps to promote their own careers. Not all musicians have the expertise or inclination to do so, and they are unlikely to be noticed until they do, but I believe that should not prevent their talent and musical voice from being heard. My work is an intermediate step between “do-it-yourself” and being signed to an established record label and international talent agency. My goal is to prevent the careers of select talented musicians from stalling, when ongoing marketing efforts could make a difference.

I focus on a website as the central hub for an artist’s online presence, as well as a comprehensive strategy to broaden their presence and discoverability, and increase the professionalism of their presentation, on other online platforms. I work to encourage the freshness of regular content updates and engagement with fans, including the building of an email list and exploring potential avenues for ongoing financial support, such as crowdsourcing.

I work to release and promote tangible marketing tokens such as albums on compact disc or vinyl, and promotion to radio stations, print media, and blogs. I also work to facilitate booking successful concert appearances – perhaps the ultimate goal of all the other activity.

Throughout, I aim to be a trusted partner to the artist as they build their career, collaborating with them in these marketing efforts while allowing them to focus on their music-making. I only work with artists whom I believe strongly in, because without that level of passion I would not be as effective an advocate for them.

I have a decade of experience as a website developer in marketing and e-commerce, and a BA in Music from UC Davis. I play piano and double bass (both badly), am teaching myself viola, and have a lifelong unrealized dream of being an orchestral conductor.

I work remotely from Northern California.

– Matthew Vaughan


Gmail: modusvivendimedia